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Bold Beauty by Wesamio Bold Beauty :iconwesamio:Wesamio 3 0
Breaking Seasons: Chapter 2
Fall lay on the couch, reading her favorite book over again, probably for the hundredth time or so. The smell of flowers filled the room while Spring tended her garden. She ran her hand over an empty space and a small green sprout appeared from the dirt. She waved her fingers over it and rain fell from her fingertips, causing the sprout to grow bigger and a couple buds flowered. Spring smiled sweetly and stood up, backed up, and admired her work.
The door flew open and a cold gust blew in and Fall looked over the edge of her book with only slight curiosity. Winter waltzed in, out of breath but a smirk curled up the corner of his mouth in a triumphant but evil way. Frost trailed across the floor while Winter stepped across to where fall was reading.
Fall raised her eyebrows and looked up at her brother. "Yes?" She asked, not really wanting to be disturbed.
"I've found them." He grinned, pushing her book down so she wasn't able to read it anymore.
"Found what?" She wondered.
"Not what, w
:iconwesamio:Wesamio 0 0
Baal and Davia by Wesamio Baal and Davia :iconwesamio:Wesamio 0 0
Breaking Seasons: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Searching
The crowded lunch room was no place for someone that disliked people as much as Amara did. She could see from her corner of solitude, all of the groups that seemed to gather in the space. Food was being consumed very quickly which seemed quite morbid if you thought about it, but Amara turned to looking out the window. She watched a particular girl walk along the narrow path up to the building.
The girl wore a pink and black laced skirt that fell just above her knees and a V-neck silky pink top. Her make-up was done perfectly and there was a spring in her step. Peppy is the only word to describe her whole attitude and it sickened Amara to no end. She rolled her eyes before she could see the girl meet up with her friends.
When she turned back to the room she could see that most of the students had already left which could only mean that the bell had rung and she totally missed it. Gathering her things she stood up and spun around, running straight into someone, causi
:iconwesamio:Wesamio 1 3
Breaking Seasons: Prologue
Long ago in a land that no longer exists here on earth, four children were born to Father Time and Mother Earth. Two males and two females were brought into the world, each having a special power and an element. Their parents called them the Season Siblings and named them accordingly. The sons, Summer and Winter, and the daughters, Spring and Fall, each carried on their shoulders a heavy burden of balancing the world in such a way as to bring peace among all that lived there.
Along with their powers, the element they carried was also meant to help the world. Spring held with her the element of water, which would bring life to all living things. Summer brought fire with him for warmth and comfort. Fall controlled earth as her own, to shape the landscape to all the beauty it should have. Last but not least, Winter acquired air for his element, the breath that starts everything.
When the Season Siblings grew up each of them took a quarter of the world, splitting everything into equal part
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Cry of the Wolf
I trudged up the hill, through the dense forest, hoping desperately to find him where we once lay. The rain started to fall against the lush leaves above my head and momentarily distracted me until I looked up and a drop landed on the edge of my eye. It trickled down, looking as if I started crying, but to tell the truth, I was probably about to. My muscles ached at the trek that I haven’t had to make before but I would do anything to find him at this point.
You’d think a marsh wouldn’t have such high grounds but the only hill around was where I had to be. Normally I would drive until I got to the edge of the forest but I didn’t have the vehicle, it was stolen from me at gun point. He had always said he would protect me, but where was he last night, and a week ago? Where is he now? My heart was racing as I leaned on a tree and tried to catch my breath, I had never run this long and hard in my life and I knew I couldn’t stop.
The top was in sight and the whole h
:iconwesamio:Wesamio 1 1
Peaceful Falls by Wesamio Peaceful Falls :iconwesamio:Wesamio 2 0 Fluttering Beauty by Wesamio Fluttering Beauty :iconwesamio:Wesamio 9 2 Guarding the Grounds by Wesamio Guarding the Grounds :iconwesamio:Wesamio 2 0 Droplets of Life by Wesamio Droplets of Life :iconwesamio:Wesamio 1 0 Spring Budding Into Summer by Wesamio Spring Budding Into Summer :iconwesamio:Wesamio 12 1
Don't Look Back
This is my story, and I don’t take it lightly. It started a long time ago in a land far away from here. By your standards now it probably doesn’t exist but to me it does and that is where I was born. The town was called Hiphindill and everyone there was peaceful. We had nothing to worry about, not a care in the world. An occasional wild dog straying into town was all that could upset us and that didn’t happen too often.
With sun shining and birds singing there really wasn’t any reason to worry. Life was good and that is what I grew up knowing. If there could have been a more beautiful day no one would have known it at that point and that was the day I came into the world. Within a little hut on the edge of the small town my mother gave birth to me and only me. Now you think I’d be spoiled because I was an only child but in fact the opposite was true. I was helpful and generous with nothing leading me away from doing things to help out the people in this wonderf
:iconwesamio:Wesamio 0 0
A Storm's Misery
I could feel my body shifting toward the humans that walked closest to me. I held my breath as much as possible, fighting the urge to soar through the air and land on one of these weaklings, devouring them in an instant. I felt my blood pulsing through my veins and it got harder and harder to resist temptation. I ground my teeth together in a last effort attempt at staying sane in that moment but I was losing myself to the other side and I growled lowly into the crowd.
“Faine… Don’t…” I heard Gavon say from just off to my left but still in front of me. He didn’t look back at all.
“I can’t do it, Gavon.” I replied as I clenched my teeth harder and flared my nostrils.
“Yes you can. You have come this far.” Was all he said to me as he scoped out the crowd.
“I don’t have what it takes. We need to go.” I dug my nails into the palms of my hands, hoping that a little pain would distract me for the moment.
:iconwesamio:Wesamio 1 0
Swirly Vines by Wesamio Swirly Vines :iconwesamio:Wesamio 0 0 Night Glow II by Wesamio Night Glow II :iconwesamio:Wesamio 0 0 Night Glow by Wesamio Night Glow :iconwesamio:Wesamio 0 0


It's been so long since I've updated my journal or even submitted anything. I appreciate all of you that may still be watching me. I have a bunch of unfinished stories in the works that if anyone wants me to put some of them up, I will. I don't know if I will ever finish any of them, but encouragement does help.

I have been watching everyone on my watch list as well as just looking through random pieces and have been very impressed by the talent and creativity that comes from everyone on this site. I haven't abandoned DA, just took a [long] break from actually submitting anything.

To anyone that cares about my life outside of DA, I am engaged and I will be getting married this next May. I hope everyone else is doing well.

Until next time,


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